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What is global citizenship?

Global citizenship (GC) informs key capabilities within contemporary internationalised curricula. Global citizenship features prominently in LTU’s Internationalisation plan (1) and the (soon to be superseded) Future Ready (2) through the goal to equip graduates with an ‘…identifiably modern, globally relevant education . . . to be successful and to make the world a better place’ (2013, 2). Student satisfaction, success and graduate employability are central to the strategic intent of the university, and foreground graduates’ potential as change agents. While the transformative potential of global citizenship education has been proposed (3) experts highlight that achieving GC outcomes is not straightforward (3, 4). Moreover, GC as a notion is highly contested (5, 6), presenting a challenge for curriculum development and practice transferability. This project works to builds educator capacity to advance the institution’s embedding of GC throughout curricula, and promote deeper engagement with the diverse strands of GC across the University.

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